The Last Line Of Defense

When battling acne, you need to have a range of weapons at your disposal – just eating right may help but won’t be enough on its own. You will need to consider a nutritional supplement as well to ensure that your body can cope with outbreaks.

You also need to up the excretion of toxins from you skin – water is vital here. The body constitutes amazing 70% water and you have to maintain these levels or dehydration can set in. Dehydration’s initial effects are deceptively mild – your skin feels drier and you feel thirstier, nothing major.

You also need to relook at the way you sleep. If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, that must be altered. It is hard to change your sleeping pattern but it can be done. It is healthiest to sleep on your side but, if you cannot manage that, sleeping on your back comes a close second. The problem is that the face needs to be able to breathe at night and needs to have little to no pressure on it at all. Click for real ideas.

The bed linen also comes under scrutiny here. Look for natural materials that allow your body to breathe. Cotton is great, and so is linen. Your pillowcase should be washed every second or third day – especially when you are in the middle of a breakout. A pillowcase makes an ideal environment for bacteria to breed.

You need to exercise a fair amount of common sense when considering skincare options. The first rule is not to touch your face if you can avoid it – no scratching at zits or rubbing the skin. The more you handle your face, the more you stimulate the sebaceous glands and the higher the risk of bacteria being introduced. These are obviously not good things.

Keep your skin clean and fresh by rinsing in the morning and evening. Look out for a natural range of cleansers for a more gentle effect and if the acne is not too severe. Go for medicated cleansers when acne is bad.

Reducing the amount of stress in your life may seem a lot easier said than done but you will have to find a way to get it right. You need a full night’s sleep most night and should also engage in some form of exercise to prevent the body from up the levels of corticosteroids in the bloodstream.

When it comes to getting rid of acne, there is no one simple solution – if you carry on with a number of tactics, you will be able to manage it. No one trick alone works for every single person so fine tune it until it comes right.