“So, you, the small business owner, the part-time webmaster, the blogger who isn’t making real money online- what can you do?”


“Unless you’re a search marketing professional, you have as much chance of succeeding online as winning against modern marines.”

Why is that? Because (contrary to the fairy tales told by lazier SEO charlatans) the search engine landscape has changed dramatically over the last year.

  • If you don’t keep up with the search engines from day to day…
  • If you don’t know how to do deep keyphrase research…
  • If you aren’t experienced with E-Business Marketing…

“You’re like an 18th c. soldier with a musket trying to go up against today’s recon marines.”

The most obvious problem is that the e-business landscape is getting denser:

  • More competitors are coming online
  • People are using the same strategies that everyone has talked about for years,
  • So it isn’t working so well anymore.

“The terrain has changed.
The nature of the battle has changed.
Our tactics must change.”

Iraq was a new terrain. Those on the tip of the Iraqi Freedom spear were dealing with situations that had not been anticipated.

Rumsfeld’s new “quick and mobile military” strategy was a masterstroke, if only because Sadaam had planned to bog us down, and based his plan on our traditional slower approach (required to reinforce supply routes).

Along the way to the objective in Baghdad, marines were forced to either follow through with orders that weren’t the best fit for unexpected situations, or to develop their own tactics.

In E-Business, there’s a constantly shifting terrain, and winning the next battle – getting more traffic, increasing ROI, expanding business – often requires new tactics.

Just as in war, some things never change. There are enduring principles of ethical search engine optimization.

We hold to these ethical SEO principles not only because they’re good business and because its an act of good faith toward search engines, but also because they fit so well with other effective online traffic and revenue strategies.

In a way, we can see our competitors as enemies, but we also have e-terrorists.

Not the people who program viruses and spyware, but another diabolical clan:

SPAM websites that “scrape”, or pirate content from genuine websites like yours.

They take bits of many sites and place them on their sites to fool search engines into giving them high rankings and traffic. So far, the outlook is dismal. The big search engines haven’t been able to eliminate them.

What’s worse? I’m not certain that any amount of clever computer science from Google’s PhD’s will be able to counter the spammers.

“Spam sites are getting more sophisticated.”

The newest ones are combining dynamic technologies like php and mysql, with user edited thesauri and purposefully random patterns to prevent detection by bots. Google hasn’t even been able to stop the simple spam sites!

The point is, it takes a human being to be able to distinguish these pages from real websites. And real websites often follow strict patterns, or are random, or make mistakes, so it becomes impossible for any program/bot Google might create to discern real from spam. The spam sites are too complicated.

“These are some bad e-terrorists.”

Oh, and by the way, we’ve already seen plenty of collateral damage – good, upright, ethical websites are getting shot accidentally – penalized or mysteriously disappearing – like those who spoke out in communist states, or like those who were accidentally shot by marines who thought you were a bad guy.

“So, you, the small business owner, the part-time webmaster, the blogger who isn’t making real money online- what can you do?”

Well, when you’ve got terrorists running about, and heavily armed marines on ripped fuel sometimes shooting good guys…

You need the help and protection of an expert.

And that’s what I see the new role of the SEO expert is- like a marine but on your side:

  • Someone aware of the terrain, the technology, the news…
  • Someone who understands the tactics and habits of good guys and the bad guys…
  • Someone that helps you see your enemies just around the corner…
  • Someone whose main job is to make sure your e-business
    • Survives
    • Grows
    • Moves forward

Yes, it’s chaos,
but it’s still the land of opportunity
much like the Wild West was during the Gold Rush,
and when the smoke clears,
if you’ve been able to survive and thrive,
you’ll have roots in some of the most fertile soil
that global business has ever seen.

So, get ahold of a cutting edge expert like me before it’s too late!