Internet Marketing Traffic


There are a variety of advanced internet marketing traffic tools the will achieve your objectives.

  1. Market research online
    Find your target market online and what they’re looking for online
  2. Competition online
    See what the supply and demand of these e-subsectors are
  3. Promotion, free and paid
    Promote products and services with natural SEO and PPC campaign management
  4. Selling to the hilt
    Personal and mass-selling with ezines, email, web logs, copywriting, and split testing sales copy.

Here’s an introduction to these powerful advanced internet marketing traffic tools and their benefits to your business:

Benefits to Your Business
Advanced Internet Marketing
  • Upsell and cross-sell
  • Retain customers
  • Increased customer trust
  • Increased online traffic
(email newsletter)
  • Increase customer trust
  • Widen public perception of expertise
  • Increased online traffic
(web logs)
  • Increase online sales
  • Sell visitors on signing up for ezine
(sales copy)
  • Better web site ROI
  • Profits
  • PPC Bid Management enhancement
  • Better understand your customers
  • Find new product names, eBook titles
    that customers are most likely to buy
Poll questions
  • Better understand customers
  • Stimulate discussion
  • Prevent negative word of mouth
    by fixing problems faster
  • Increase customer trust
Forum/discussion boards
  • Discover common visitor paths through website
  • Identify problem flows and redirect prospects
  • Identify copy problems
Monitoring Traffic Flow

I learned – the hard way – that to succeed online, we have to emphasize:

  • Diversification
    • Of traffic and income sources
  • Integrity
    • Focus on smart & ethical SEO principles, not only to be a positive part of the solution, but also because it’s what wins in the end because it allies you with search engine powerhouses like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
  • Efficiency
    • Allocate a reasonable amount of time and manpower to get increased online traffic
    • Be diligent with PPC bid management to avoid wasting money
    • Improve and split-test sales copy to get better web site ROI
    • Be aware that with everything there is a point of diminishing returns
  • The Big Picture
    • Keep the big-picture long-view in mind to avoid scams, fads, tangents, etc.

So, let’s look at advanced internet marketing traffic tools that will help us:

1. Internet Market Research

Market intelligence online must be treated separately from offline market research.

  • First, take your segmentation to another level- not all of your offline customers will be online.
  • Further, some groups you rejected as unreachable in your offline segmentation may indeed be available online.
  • And consider an even more thorough and profitable move: pull back to consider
    • How your offerings and competitive advantages can serve the needs of those who are online.
    • How you offerings can be expanded and competitive advantages may shift for those who are online.

In other words, you can either

  1. Keep selling the same things you sell offline in the same way to people online, or
  2. Search for the online goals and tactics your company is best suited to pursue.

The first one may succeed, but doing the second process will verify your chances ahead of time. The second one will take you further than the first, because there will be products and services you can only offer online to markets only available online.

Advanced Internet Marketing Traffic Tools: Market Research Online

  • What do people call your topics? Using unfamiliar jargon can limit your results
    • WordTracker – Free Trial: Wordtracker is an industry standard for finding keyphrases. It’s kept up to date, and caters more directly to SEO than the next link does.
    • Google Suggest: Similar to google’s search engine, but it autofills in keyphrases for you as you type.
    • Google Keyword Sandbox: A tool from Google’s AdWords program… great for finding additional related phrases. Doesn’t give you number of searches like Overture and Wordtracker do, though.
  • Web sites about marketing research online
    • ITFacts online marketing stats – many categories, one of my favorites
    • eMarketer online marketing news
    • UK Market Research Online

2. Competition: Supply and Demand

Any SEO expert is going to tell you to target phrases in high demand and low supply. Don’t waste your time with low-demand keywords, and you can’t compete on the high supply keywords.

Advanced Internet Marketing Traffic Tools: Supply and Demand

  • For demand, here are the best sources:
    • WordTracker – Free Trial: Wordtracker is an industry standard for finding key phrases. It’s kept up to date, and caters more directly to SEO than the next link does.
    • Overture Search Suggestion: Overture is Yahoo’s pay per click service, similar to Adwords.
    • Espotting: Like Overture, but has international information.
  • For supply:
    • WordTracker gives you a value called KEI (which I explain and critique in this article) The short version is: it’s not good enough. WordTracker is still a great tool for demand, but not for the value of the keyphrase to you.
    • I simply use to get both the
      • Exact-match supply (number of results for search phrase in quotes) and
      • Partial-match supply (number of results for search phrase without quotes)

To complete your supply and demand analysis, you need to run your numbers through an incredibly mathematical and precisely-tuned equation…

Like the one I developed by examining more than 34,000 keywords…

Which has yielded as much as 11% number one Google spots and nearly 60% top 10 Google results…

And if you want that equation, you’re going to have to buy my forthcoming book.

3. Promotion: promote products and services with natural SEO and PPC campaign management

Once you have

  • a targeted list of vulnerable keyphrases, and you’ve
  • planned a logical semantic site map and navigational structure

You can promote your website with natural SEO.

As I said about the diagram on the first page, I put PPC campaign management last because there are so many free promotion options, and lower expenses means better web site ROI.

Also note that successful PPC campaign management depends on sending visitors to effective copywriting sales pages.

For natural SEO and ranking high on search engines, you have to write your keyphrase into each page properly, and submit them:

  • Submit webpages to Google for free on
  • is a very cheap, donation-mandatory site submission service, and they have lots of other useful SEO tools as well.
  • WebCEO is a powerful free program that includes web page submission

About checking whether you’re ranking high on search engines:

One of the best know tools for checking your traffic is Web Position Gold. But search engines frown on this. Google specifically states that they do not support the use of tools like Web Position Gold. I tend to listen to Google.

The point is this: you can get addicted to checking every one of your keywords every day to see if it goes up or down. And they will go up and down, so you’ll be on the emotional e-rollercoaster. While you’re doing that, you tie up valuable search engine bandwidth.

I cover PPC campaign management in more depth on another page, but the basics are:

  1. PPC campaigns are composed of multiple bids– one per keyword
  2. The keywords you use for PPC are not the same as the ones you use for naturally ranking high on search engines – you must search for and analyze this group separately
  3. Calculate your maximum PPC bid based on your expected conversion rate (percentage of visitors who buy) and the profit margin of the offering you’re selling with that bid
  4. If you can, segment your bids so that they go to as many different sales pages as possible to optimize the copywriting to the bid.
  5. Monitor your actual conversion rate and recalculate ROI
  6. Tweak sales copy and split-test to improve conversion rate

4. Selling: personal and mass selling with ezines, email, web logs (blogs), copywriting, and more

There are many ways to reach customers online… and monitor them, and keep in touch with them.

Once you understand the power and scope of internet marketing, you won’t want to go back. It’s more efficient and more scientific.

It gives you more power to save money, earn more, retain customers, improve sales, and improve ROI.

How to do each of those sales improving techniques is beyond the scope of this article, but you’ll find the info elsewhere on this site, and in my forthcoming eBook.