PPC Software Reviews


Well I reached that point where I was managing too many pay per click campaigns and iteratively adjusting too many keywords…

I’m really thorough when I get into it, so it takes me forever to check everything I want to check…

So I knew it was finally time to take a closer look at the automated PPC management software.

With most of these companies, you have to do the trial demo to find out what the software’s really like… neato sales strategy for them, kind of annoying to me.

The following table is the ongoing result of my research.

And no, none of the links are affiliate links. Note that the first entry is not a bid manager, but a tool for those who continue to use AdWords manually.

PPC Management Software
Important Features
Web-based? No screenshots or info about this
Once you have keywords that convert, this finds misspellings of them and does the quoted and bracketed forms automatically.
$19.95 /mo
Not a bid manager- putting ‘ ‘ and [ ] around kw’s takes just seconds in Excel.
Dynamic Bid Maximizer
maintain position, set max bid, algorithm for google, change position by time of day, ROI builder, close bid gaps, bid for best value within range
$60-150 /mo
Have to choose adwords or overture, or pay for both.
AtlasOnePoint BidManager
Web-based? No info
centralized kw mgmt across ppc programs, profitbuilder ROI, ROAS/CPA bidding, daily budget mgr, jam competitor, avoid jam, gapping, adjust bid or rank by time of day, move bid to lowest allowable amt
$400-800 /mo
drop to minimum bid on sched, avoid jamming, mask bid strategy, bidsaver
about $480/ mo
out of date? few features mentioned seem too basic- how does it handle multiple engines? not much info unless you do a demo
Keyword Max
Track ROI, Manage ppc Bids – Unlimited Keywords! Monitor Fraud, suspicious clicks, Keyword Suggestion Tool
$199-$500/ mo (+ $250 setup for agency one)
All the important features and much lower cost, manage unlimited number of accounts
Adwords $40-80 /mo, ROI track $20-50 /mo
Have to choose adwords or ovt, or pay for both. Customer support awesome even before buying.
AdWords Dominator
Can query API and manage campaigns from oyur own computer, all on one screen
You can change bids, in the double-asterisk-delimited style, but the programmer didn’t know what rule-based bidding was.